A Collection supports young and emerging artists by collaborating with major contemporary Art Fairs and awarding with a Residence program the artist, or artists, presented by the galleries and selected by a jury.

A Collection Award 2023

ArtVerona, Verona 13.10.23 – 15.10.23

The winner of the fourth edition of our A Collection Prize is Franklyn Dzingai (Osart Gallery, Milan). The jury, composed of Giovanni Bonotto, Chiara Casarin and Nicolas Ballario, stated that "The young artist from Zimbabwe has created works that have triggered a buzz in our hearts thanks to his beautiful, deep paintings, with many levels of reading". A Collection offers the winner the opportunity to design a tapestry and to assist in the production stages. The work will be carried out by the master weaver Giovanni Bonotto, who, through an exchange with the artist, will build the visual identity of the work.

A Collection Award 2022

ArtVerona, Verona 14.10.22 – 16.10.22

For the third year running, A Collection has chosen ArtVerona as the landmark Show for its annual award.
The prize was awarded jointly to Rebecca Moccia, represented by Mazzoleni (Turin, London) and Franklyn Evans, represented by Wizard Gallery (Milan), by the jury comprising Chiara Casarin and Giovanni Bonotto, Chiara Nuzzi, curator and editorial manager of the ICA Milano Foundation, and Nadim Samman, curator of the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, with the following motivation: “We selected the artists on the basis of several different criteria and with a very open mind towards artistic languages and various kinds of research, as well as the challenges that can arise during their periods of residence. We were convinced by the potential that may emerge from the different research projects undertaken by the two artists, as regards formal solutions, in-depth research and topics, as well as the different display processes.”
A Collection, curated by Chiara Casarin, offers the winner the chance to design a tapestry and be involved in production stages. The tapestry will be made by master weaver Giovanni Bonotto who, through dialogue with the artist, then will build the visual identity of the work. The 25 large tapestries made so far were also produced using yarns obtained from processing recycled plastic, thereby combining environmental and ethical commitment with attention and support to the most pertinent developments in contemporary visual research.

A Collection Award 2021

Art Verona, Verona 15.10.21 – 17.10.21

The “A Collection” Prize goes to Serena Gamba and Sebastien Reuzé.

The “A Collection” Prize has been awarded. The production prize – associated with a residency course – allows the winning artist to design a tapestry and preside over the ensuing weaving phases.

The commission – made up of Francesca Taroni, editor-in-chief of Living, Corriere della Sera and of the website living.corriere.it, Director of Abitare, Donatella Bollani, freelance journalist, web editor and podcaster for the development of content and special initiatives, lecturer at 24Ore Business School and member of the ADI “Research for Business” Commission, Roberto Bosi, Head of Casabella Formazione, Director of ProViaggiArchitettura, professor of Architectural Design, University of Florence, Chiara Casarin, Director of “A Collection” APS and curator, promoter of the Award, and Giovanni Bonotto, President of “A Collection” APS, master weaver and promoter of the Prize – decided to award two artists: Serena Gamba, represented by Isolo 17 Gallery, Verona, for “the refined research that invites observers, on the basis of verbal language, to create their own visual image, letting them participate in the creative act” and Sebastien Reuzé, represented by UN-SPACED Gallery, Paris, “who uses photography together with pictorial language, creating a lyrical evocation. Both embody the spirit of the prize, aimed at creativity and the basis of the creative process as provided by the tapestry.”

Sebastien Reuzé, DSC3676 Soleil#2-16-F10, 2017, analog colour photography, 175x127cm. Courtesy UN-SPACED Gallery, Parigi.
Serena Gamba, Lettura e obnubilamento Cella n.3, grafite su tela, filo nero, 184 x 157 cm, 2001. Courtesy Isolo 17 Gallery, Verona.

A Collection Award 2020

Art Verona, Verona 27.11.20 – 10.01.21

The digital edition of Art Verona 2020 hosted and promoted the A Collection residency and production award. The jury – made up of Giovanni Bonotto (President of A Collection), Chiara Casarin (Vice-President of A Collection), Marcello Forin (collector) and Nicola Zanella (cultural manager, founder of Collective and contributor to Arteconomy 24 of Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper) – viewed the galleries taking part in ArtVerona and all the artists represented, examining artists from very different generations and with a range of languages. The aim of the A Collection Residency Prize is to support artists, to present them with a new production project and to let them recount the deeper nature of the artistic project through tapestry. The group unanimously oriented their choice towards Marc Bauer (Geneva, 1975, represented by Gilda Lavia, Rome) for the strength of his pictorial language and the delicate power to be found in his drawings as well as the challenges triggered by his use of colour. For Bauer, who recently won the Meret Oppenheim Prize 2020, the residency in A Collection implies a challenge to measure up against in terms of new cultural and expressive references.

A Collection Award 2020

Arte Fiera, Bologna 21.01.20 – 23.01.20

The A Collection Prize for Artefiera in Bologna was awarded to The Cool Couple: an artist duo represented by MLZ Art Dep in Trieste, with the work the worm – time travel stuff (2018), inkjet print on baryta paper, aluminium frame, museum glass, 70 × 55 cm. The jury was comprised of Giovanni Bonotto (president of A Collection), Chiara Casarin (vice-president of A Collection), Diego Bergamaschi, collector, and Maria Chiara Valacchi, art critic and independent curator. Due to its formal and chromatic properties, the selected work lends itself to an interesting and challenging translation into the language of tapestry. The chance to make this work real and three-dimensional adds stimulus to an already highly complex process. Moreover, the research carried out by the Cool Couple – visually investigating scientific and mathematical fields – focuses on contents akin to those of A Collection, in which art and new environmental technologies merge.