Contemporary art is coupled with a precious medium in the ancient language of tapestry weaving. Chromatic, material and lighting combinations are thus shaped in the hands of painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, poets and architects. This research goes back through the centuries, now giving rise to woven works with a refined contemporary efficacy.

The idea behind this collection comes from a desire: let us imagine that we have the power to transform a problem into a work of art. A Collection started out just like this, thinking that with the contribution of young but already established artists, we could turn what is a problem for our planet and our environment – that of pollution – into an opportunity for the production of wonderful artworks. And so we chose affirmed artists who came up with projects destined from the very start to become works of art in the form of huge tapestries. These projects were then translated into tapestries using yarns made from recycled plastic and the whole process is certified by GRS (Global Recycle Standards). A Collection is thus based on the interplay between technology, research and creativity: the essential ingredients of a revolutionary project in which luxury and sustainability come together hand in hand.

A Collection became an ‘association of social promotion’ (APS) in 2020, but its history is much longer. It all started with an encounter between Giovanni Bonotto and Chiara Casarin in 2017. Bonotto had already developed a series of strategies for the weaving of large-scale images with the use of a vast range of materials, and had produced several tapestries which were then put on show in major institutions such as the Museo del Novecento in Florence, at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Chiara Casarin, with a background in museum directorship and the curation of contemporary art, brought together this extraordinary textile craftsmanship with the creativity of young and established artists, selecting them from among the most interesting figures on the contemporary arts scene.

They were then joined by:
→ Anna Foffani (office management)
→ Giovanni Morandina (visual communication and publishing)
→ Alberto Habaibeh (video and movie production)
→ Florentina Isac e Marco Bianchini (fabric designers)
→ Nicole Condotta (internship)

Together, they gave rise to the association A Collection APS, based in Venice at Dorsoduro 1584.

Collaborations: Nicola Zanella, Luca Molinari, Michele Lanzingher, Claudio Piscopo, Catterina Seia, Elena Forin, Marcello Forin, Daniele Lago, Stefano Raimondi, Simone Menegoi, Alessandro Pedron, Maria Pia La Tegola, Carlo Maiolini, Diego Bergamaschi, Davide Quadrio